Press Release: Feb 2006

bristol Recruitment Ltd. have just launched a C"b ,K brand new conceptC"b ,b " agency at

The concept is somewhat of a cross between an Internet based CV/ Jobs stores and a Traditional high street agency C"b ,b the two extremes in recruitment. Michele Jady, Managing Director explains. C"b ,E There are obvious problems inherent with each of these approaches. Our local clients will not deal with an Internet based call centre agency based, say, in bristol. They need to know there is a local team to speak to at the end of a telephone and also that the team have local knowledge and can visit in person at the drop of a hat to discuss individual recruitment needs. However, our clients also do not appreciate the higher fees charged by some national high street brands with a local office C"b ,b higher fees being necessary to pay their overheads.C"b ,B

She continues: C"b ,E We spotted a gap in the market several years ago for a local, independent, non high street, permanent recruitment specialist. By deliberately not going down the C"b ,K High Street Shop FrontC"b ,b " route, we have managed to keep overheads to a minimum. This is reflected directly in our fees without compromising service or the quality of our candidates.

We firmly believe in building strong working relationships with our mainly local clientele and spend a lot of time visiting and networking. By careful selection and interview we offer a great database of potential employees to match the needs of our customers.C"b ,E

Having proven this business model Michele has spent the last few months streamlining and re-aligning the company and website to better reflect the local nature of the business C"b ,b hence the re-launch under the banner of bristol Recruitment Ltd. The site is based on the latest database structured technology easing further the administrative overheads. Another innovation is the ability for candidates to register an application online C"b ,b which is obviously then vetted by the team. Longer office opening hours relative to high street competitors also means that candidates and clients can speak to bristol Recruitment outside normal working hours.

2006 is set to be a great year for bristol Recruitment. They believe candidates and customers will appreciate this fresh approach!

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