Privacy Policy

We are commited to the Data Protection Act.

We like to know our Candidates and Clients and their interests so we can help all parties most efficiently. The following is a summary of our Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Message to Candidates and Clients: We make record of your name, address and other contact details during the ordinary course of our business. We also, naturally, keep copies of correspondence with you but this correspondence will not be passed to any third parties (candidates, please see below for the exception to this).

Message to Candidates: We will not make any such correspondence available to any third party, apart from potential employees.

Infrequently, we distribute advertising material by mail or email to groups of clients and candidates whom we feel will benefit from the information sent. Infrequently, because we appreciate that not everyone wants to be bombarded by mail! We are more than happy to honour any request for us NOT to send you such material.

If you would like to review the records we have kept for you then please contact us - we would be happy to oblige. Please note though that we will need suitable assurance that it really is you!